Plumbing and flooring

We provide a general plumbing service for kitchen and bathroom installations.

We appreciate that plumbing is an integral part of any installation which is why we consult the plumbing and flooring experts within our team as part of the kitchen installation planning process; rather than as an after thought.

We prioritise customer needs when considering the positioning of the water and drainage pipes for an installation.


Kitchen installations typically come part and parcel of a total kitchen revamp which includes the replacement of kitchen flooring. When installing a kitchen, often floor is required to be laid beforehand.

With this is mind, we brought floor installation skills in house – to be able to offer this service as part of your hassle-free kitchen installation package.

We can install any type of flooring, from vinyl floor to oak, or laminate flooring.


Flooring in other rooms

We can install flooring in any or all rooms in your house. We are not limited to just the flooring in your kitchen.

No job is too bid or small.

Don’t hesitate to call Ben on 079 1612 1743 for an enquiry, or complete the form with any questions.





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