Painting and decorating

Why is painting and decorating such an important aspect of Kitchen installations? Why do we at TKS Bristol, consider painting and decorating an aspect which can nearly ruin a great installation, if done badly?

We at TKS Bristol do the whole job. Before we install any kitchen, we paint and decorate the room to the degree that it will enhance the end product. Image installing the most beautiful kitchen into a room with grubby walls and a tired paint job. No matter how good the installation is, the end product would be substandard. A painting and decorating job, which has been planned out and professionally executed will enhance the kitchen. You will not be disappointed.

Other painting and decorating services

We have the skills, professionalism and abilities to paint and decorate not only your kitchen, but any other room internal or external to an extremely high standard.

No job is too bid or small.

Call Ben on 079 1612 1743 for an enquiry, or complete the form with any questions.



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